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Real Time GPS Based Vehicle Tracking
  • Live Vehicle Tracking gives you real time updates, allowing you to get the latest tracking information on your vehicles.
  • Enterprise Maps by Google- API for commercial use that gives accurate location details of vehciles.
  • User-Friendly tracking system that helps you to effortlessly track and locate the fleet on Click.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) with perpetual uptime.
  • Upload all Geofence in your account and assign them to the vehicles
  • Find and mark geofences wihtout knowing latitude and longitude values.
  • Circular, Rectangular, Polygon and line path* geofences available for easy access. All geofences can be marked as per user convinience and canbe assigned to vehicles so that every alert is been sent to you. Secure your loved ones and ensure work done by your Forces.
Theft Protection
  • Tampering the device or Vehicle will be notified immediately.
  • Virtual Fences for parkign space can give you immediate alerts while vehicle in theft or Illedgal Use.
  • On Click Remote Immobilization stops your vehicle remotely.
  • Trace Back is available on demand for up to 1 month, along with a detailed report on your vehicle’s movement.
Alerts and Event Notifications
  • Get Notifications on while on Move on SMS & email and Mobile applications, you’ll be kept updated with real time alerts.
  • Multiple Recipients can receive alerts, Not only you, but your near ones can also be known for the alerts generated for immediate help.
  • Schedule your alerts as per your convenience that suits your needs.
  • Detailed Reports for analysis is also available for making quik decisions.
  • Date and Time Based reports available for analyzing vehicle usage.
  • Location of vehicles, Every log shows you location of vehicle where your vehicle was and easy to manage the incident where it happend.
  • Vehicle wise / Fleet wise consildated report. Gives you summary of the day for vehicle(s).
  • Alert Report, Consolidated report for all alerts generated by vehicle / Driver.Overspeeding, tampering etc..
  • Geofence report, detailed report when and at what time vehicle entered in geofence areas.
  • We welcome all the customizations and ensure that exact system is delievered to our clients.
  • GUI Customizations
  • Report Customization, Analylitical Reports
  • Email Schedulars and many more....